Necrotic Mutation

Chapter 3

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Band Picture: Chuck Tremblay, Sebastien Croteau, David Landry, Simon Roy, Sebastien Bouchard.

Second Stage Of The Mutation

A few months after the release of Sepulchre Of The Suffering, Daniel Jalbert fell ill and had to be replaced by Sébastien Bouchard on guitar duties and Sébastien Croteau on vocals. The new recruits were previously working on a device to prevent the spread of the virus. In order to work, the device had to be inserted through the CERVICAL SLOT.

The new team began to present their songs everywhere they could: in small venues, bars, community centers and even in the basement of some churches. Everything was done to expose infected people to death metal music. Even if the mutation process was well underway, the team felt that it was time to refine their approach and produce new sound material.

Even with the progress they made in creating mutants, one member of the team was not satisfied and decided to try a new formula on himself.

On May 21, 1994, David Landry passed away, the cause of death was, and still is, not fully known to the records.

David Landry's death devastated the team's morale but they decided to commemorate his life's work by continuing the creation process for the publication of their third research.

To this date, it is the only recorded death related to the Necrotic Mutation virus.

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Chuck Tremblay


Simon Roy

Simon Roy


David Landry

David Landry


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Sebastien Croteau


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Sebastien Bouchard


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