Necrotic Mutation

Chapter 4

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Band Picture: Francis Beaulieu, Sebastien Croteau, Yannick Lemieux, Chuck Tremblay, Simon Roy

Third Stage Of The Mutation

In order to pursue David's work, the team had to hire new talents. The first one to join the team was Francis Beaulieu, a well-known provider of melodic death metal. He immediately began to review David Landry's work and infused it with his own. The results were astonishing.

In November of 1994, the team decided to record their latest research. They opted for Studio Victor and the mighty Pierre Rémillard to record what would be their finest, most melodic and technical work to date. The Realm of Human Illusions was launched on September 14, 1995 and was a tribute to David Landry's work. It gained even more recognition than their previous demo. It was shortly after this that Yannick Lemieux joined the team to add more distortion and melody to the mix.

The campaign to eradicate the virus was going well but the team was determined to find new ways of providing their unique blend of death metal and to obtain faster results in the mutation process of the infected people. On October 12, 1995, the team was offered a spot on national television with Julie Snyder during her show L'enfer, c'est nous autres. They were asked to play the song Je ne suis qu'une chanson from the well-known singer Ginette Reno. Even if the original song was not death metal music, they were able to adapt it while keeping enough heavy beats and distortion to fight the virus.

Even with the TV spot, the virus was infecting more people every day. There were not enough death metal gatherings to help create mutants and fight the infection. During one experiment, the group was able to determine that the virus was using the cold as a way to multiply faster. With their research, the team believed that there would be a huge risk of infection during the winter of 1996.

In order to stop the infection, they decided to create the ultimate weapon: a death metal Christmas song. On October 12, 1996, two months before Christmas, the song Çà, bergers was released on the compilation Noël dans la rue. On December 15 of the same year, they released their first video clip for the song Day of Mourning from the The Realm of Human Illusions.

Even with all their tireless efforts to create mutants in order to stop the virus from infecting more people, most of the team fell ill and became heavily infected at the beginning of 1997. The virus had finally found a way to counteract the mutagen present in the music of the team. Only the singer, Sébastien Croteau, was able to pull through and survive the new strain of the virus. The fourth and final stage of the mutation was coming.

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Chuck Tremblay


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